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Cybercrimes Uncovered
Episode 1

Exciting news! 
Below is Episode 1 of a new series on Cybercrimes
Speakers: Laurie James, Alisa Gbiorczyk, Adv. Omashani Naidoo

Forensic Services

DNA Profiling, Criminal Record Checks, Expungement of Criminal Record, Criminological Reports and Expert Witness Testimony...             

Criminological Services

Pre-Sentence Reports, Victim Impact Statements, Workplace Assessment Investigations, Witness Debriefing and Expert Witness Testimony, 
Victim Offender Mediation...               

Psychological services

Counselling and Therapy using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, 
Neuro-Linguistic and Hypnotherapy techniques. 
Psychometric assessments - Therapeutic, Aptitude, IQ, EQ, 
Workplace Assessment, Mediation...

Cyber-security services

Risk Assessment, Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, 
Internal Threat, Electronic Predators - Anti Cyber Bullying, 
Cyber Stalking and Harassment, Risk Mitigation, Cyber Awareness...

Our Clients Include: